Foreign trade specialist


    1. Be responsible for the operation of Alibaba platform, and be able to communicate normally. Skilled is preferred.

    2. Carry out the company's trade business, implement trade regulations and open up market.

    3. Responsible for the operation management of the company's online trading platform and the release and upload of product information.

    4. Responsible for document delivery and on-site supervision.

    5. Be responsible for the development and maintenance of customers, and the filing of business and related materials.


    1. Be conscientious and practical.

    2. College degree or above, major in international trade, business English.

    3. It is better to have more than one year's business operation experience in the trade field, with working experience in foreign enterprises preferred.

    4. Proficient in trade operation process, network sales skills and trade-related business knowledge.

    Workshop general worker


    1. According to the requirements of the workshop supervisor, complete the production task on time and quantity, and complete the production task of the current month.

    2. Carry out production operation according to process requirements.

    3. Obey the leader's arrangement and complete the technical learning tasks outside the post.

    4. Complete the temporary work assigned by leaders.


    1. Over 18 years old, unlimited for men and women

    2. Hardworking and responsible.